How Much Will Vinyl Siding Cost?

Thursday, March 26th, 2015

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In the last article, we looked at vinyl siding color options with CertainTeed™. In this article, we examine the costs of vinyl – both the initial cost, maintenance requirements, and how the projected lifespan affects cost considerations.


Initial Estimates and Installation Cost of Vinyl Siding

Typically, the cost of vinyl siding, when installed by an experienced contractor, can range from anywhere between $2 and $7 a panel. However, selecting the cheapest options are not always the most cost-effective choice. Thicker, more expensive vinyl panels will resist weathering, cracking and sagging much more effectively than will a thinner vinyl. It may be recommended by your contractor to invest in vinyl siding that has insulation, especially in areas where adverse weather conditions are common, and heating or cooling your home would benefit from additional insulation.

Maintenance Requirements of Vinyl Siding

In terms of maintenance, more rugged and thick vinyl siding will last much longer before needing repairs or replacement. There are, however, periodic tasks a homeowner can do to reduce the cost of future maintenance which will require less than $20 in products, and only 2-5 hours of work per year.

Wash your vinyl siding once or twice a year, using cleaners made specifically for this task. Avoid using harsh chemicals which contain solvents, chlorine or bleach.

Powerwashers can be used when cleaning vinyl siding, but always refer to the recommendations of your vinyl siding’s manufacturer first. Powerwashing can destroy even the most durable siding if the pressure is too high.

To clean mold or mildew from vinyl, using a mixture of 30 percent vinegar and 70 percent water is an effective approach.

Projected Lifespan versus Investment Price

The projected lifespan of vinyl siding averages about 50 years.  Most homeowners will only have to reside their home once.

For areas with extreme weather changes throughout the year, investing more on installation may save you a tremendous amount in the long run by helping reduce home energy costs and enhancing the curb appeal of your Downington home. For peace of mind, it’s always a good idea to hire a contractor that honors manufacturer warranties for all vinyl siding installations.

If you’re looking only the most experienced team of professionals to install vinyl siding on your Downington home, contact Certitude today for answers to any questions you may have. Before installation, a standardized pricing app is used to ensure quality installation at the best possible price available.


Fun fact: Certitude Home Improvement has won several accolades for providing outstanding customer service over the years including the 2014 Best of Home Advisor Award!

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