8 Questions to Ask Your Roof Repair Contractor

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015 by Certitude Home Improvements

When hiring a contractor in Exton for your roof repair project, there are some fundamental questions that you should ask – before you pay the bill!

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8 Important Roof Repair Questions:

  1. Do you carry worker’s compensation and general liability insurance?
    Do not work with contractors who are not fully insured!  The legal liability can leave you with an enormous bill and/or legal lawsuit if your property is damaged or an employee is hurt while working on your roof.
  2. Can you give me an itemized written estimate?
    Always obtain a written estimate of the cost of the work before hiring a roofing contractor. An estimate gives you an idea of how much you can expect to pay for your roof repair – as well as the breakdown of material cost vs. workmanship.
  3. What if the roof repair needs more work?
    Roofing problems are often discovered to be more complex once the shingles are removed and damage to underlayment or sheathing is revealed. Be certain that your contractor will notify you of additional expenses before action steps are taken. An explanation and additional estimate should be compiled for your reference if the project increases.
  4. Will you dispose of my old roof?
    Refuse from your roof, such as broken shingles and old nails, should be properly disposed of by the roofing contractor. Make sure there is a plan in place for dealing with waste generated by the job so that you are not stuck with bringing it to a recycling center.
  5. What is your policy if the weather halts work on the roof? Reputable roofing contractors have a plan in place to protect your roof with tarpaulins or plastic covers if the weather turns nasty.You want to be sure that your property will be protected throughout the roof repair process.
  6. Do you have a local address and phone number? Get the contact details of the contractor before work begins. Residential contractors with local premises typically have more established and professional businesses than contractors who work out of the back of a van.
  7. Who should I communicate with on site? A project manager should be present on site daily during the repair. Find out who you should be communicating with and how to contact them if a problem arises when they are not physically on your property.
  8. What warranties will cover my roof repair? A newly-repaired roof has the potential to last for many years. Roofing contractors offer varying lengths of warranties to protect their customers.

With these questions, you will be able to begin determining the type of service you are likely to get. If you have any further questions regarding roofing contractors, be sure to give us a call!

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