A Special Home for Your Special Four-Legged Friend

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

You built your home to your specifications, so how about fixing up a great home for that special member of your family? Your dog is there for you day and night, so why not give it a top-of-the-line home to live in? Downingtown goes back a long way, all the way to a well-known log cabin and further. They have undertaken steps to preserve their historic structures, therefore, creating a handsome living structure for your dog fits right in.

Planning Your Doghouse

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There are several things to think about and decide on before you start building. Here are some design elements to consider:

  • Size of Dog - room to turn aroundMany dogs have a habit of turning around before settling into position.
  • Layout Variation - turn it ‘sideways’When planning the layout, it is important to realize that having the door right in front does not keep your dog very warm when it gets cold. Having the long rectangle side as the front, with an offset door, will allow your dog to move away from the cold air.
  • Weather Conditions - insulate or not: Insulation of the roof and sides helps in wintery conditions. It also helps keep the heat out in the summer.
  • Roof Design - peak, sloped, hinged:

1. Snowy conditions need a nicely pitched or peak-style roof. Downingtown definitely gets plenty of snow.
2. A hinged roof makes it possible to clean the interior easily, as well as allowing for ventilation during the hot months; inserts could be used to securely raise the roof an inch or two along the side opposite the hinge for ventilation.
3. A good roof overhang will prevent rain from getting in.

  • Type of Shingle Roof: Asphalt shingles need insulation under them; wood shingles have built-in insulation. Whichever you use, realize that proper shingle roof maintenance will be needed to prolong its life.
  • Front Stoop: If the dog house is built on a raised platform, a porch area in front might be a great resting spot on a hot day, especially if placed under a shady tree.

Match the Dog House to Your Home?

Have fun with the style and design for the home you build for your four-legged family member. You can find plans for doghouses online, right down to a full listing of required materials. Certitude has just what you need if you do not have shingle roof material on hand. We are always willing to help add to the beautification of Downingtown, especially when it comes to such an important member of the family. Contact Certitude Home Improvement for dog house design hints and a shingle roof to cover it.



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