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5  out of 5
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I'd vote 10 with all that went with this roofing education from a heartfelt company, not striving to be the best, for they are naturally.
Call Representative
Call reps were courteous each time we chatted. I was always given the info that I needed at the time of the call. (There were extra calls due to insurance being involved. A tree had fallen the night before roof instillation.)
Sales Process
(These guys don't wear crowns, but the should.) I compared 3 companies not knowing when I set up their appointments that all 3 reps had been taught roofing at the same out of state location. (They even knew one anther!) I told each about the other not holding back anything. Not knowing roofing, I wanted the full factual truths. Each rep had their own style, were knowledgeably positive of the products and procedures. Using that information provided, Certitude won by price. One company rep returned hoping to challenge the price of Certitude. Later he admitted that his company couldn't even come close to the price I'd been quoted. Certitude also won me over due to the use of an iPad as we sat under a shady tree for our educational chat and paperwork. (Not the one that fell the pm b4 the actual roof instillation.)
Our Installation Crew
Polite, friendly, knowledgeable, intuitive, resourceful, jovial, and caring about their company and especially to the customer.
The Cleanup Process
Compared to what came off the room to what they carried away, amazing. Oh sure later I found nails here and there, but that's to be expected in my mind. My property isn't easy to clean up due to landscaping, so certainly the nails and bits of black paper turned up.

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(As described when I wrote about the reps.) I wanted to add just why I'd continue to recommend the company. A tree fell onto the roof of the garage, injuring there and the alum siding. No problem, the men took many pictures for my ins co which I forwarded. The ins co was frozen with the repair price. They told me it was way too low. No, I said and they immediately gave the go ahead as they sent me the extra money. A rep did drop by later, no biggie. Since the siding was an older alum, the color wouldn't match w new mat'ls. They crawled into the garage attic beams through the hole made by the tree. Then they pulled out the builder's left over siding for the a splendid repair. Still more good news. Ed stopped by another day to see the results and check about how things went. He saw my 5 gal bucket of rain water in an add on room that was to be rebuilt at a later time. (I had 2 rooms that needed to be done, so didn't have them shingled at this time. The men generously left me extra roofing materials to have for a perfect match once the rebuild was done.) Once Ed heard of my rain leak in the bucket, he said that he wouldn't have his own mother use a bucket, nor would he have me use one. He went back to his truck finding materials to repair the leak. He even gifted me with something else to beautify my home. So you can see without any doubts as to why I loved my choice using Certitude. Please spread the word if you're looking for above the normal company's services. These people absolutely do care!

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