Work Requests in West Chester

Certitude Home Improvements is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in West Chester. Learn more about Certitude Home Improvements's recent work requests in West Chester and nearby areas!

Learn more about Certitude Home Improvements' recent work requests in West Chester, PA
Vicinity of Jacqueline Drive in West Chester
We have a confirmed small roof leak, but this week's heavy rain may be causing another roof leak.
Vicinity of Tall Pines Drive in West Chester
We are looking for a contractor to replace the roof of our townhouse and we need to follow the guidelines of our association. They recommend Owens Corning and the color is driftwood. Please call me
Vicinity of Perry Drive in West Chester
Stucco remediation.
Vicinity of Waterford Rd in West Chester
Would like to get an estimate for a new roof
Vicinity of S Tulip Dr. in West Chester
Looking to replace our roof. Would like an estimate.
Vicinity of Barker Drive in West Chester
Roof Repair - Ridge Vent replaced (at minimum) - Insurance Claim Likely full roof replacement - depends on insurance claim Separate project: Siding replacement within screened porch (permit already obtained).
Vicinity of Sconnelltown Road in West Chester
Replace asphalt tile roof Replace Gutter Helmet with -- what you recommend? New gutters and downspouts Someone said we should replace our skylights when we do the roof. Is that true? Check attic/roof ventilation. New ridge vent, I assume. Cape cod house built in 1985 Expect to do the work in the next couple of months. Not leaking but it looks bad.
Vicinity of Nobb Hill Drive in West Chester
We would like a price on siding and windows.
Vicinity of W Biddle St in West Chester
We have a flat roof and one corner is lower than the drain so when it rains, water starts to pool and leak through our bathroom ceiling.
Vicinity of N Franklin St in West Chester
Looking for a quote for a roof replacement for a "low slope" roof. The home is a 100 year old brick faced row home (end unit) with three floors. There were two additions - a rear two story addition and a one story side addition with a rooftop deck. The roof is comprised of three sections: 1.) 3rd floor; the original structure (13' x 23' = 300 sq ft). 2.) 2nd floor; the rear addition (13' x 14' = 182 sq ft). 3.) 1st floor; the side addition below deck (10' x 23' = 230 sq ft). Total is 712 sq ft
Vicinity of David Lane in West Chester
I was wondering when you could come out to quote a replacement roof in West Chester. I notice some water marks on the ceiling in my baby's room and found a leak while checking in the attic. The roof is approaching 20 years old, so I'm not sure if a repair is possible or if it is at the end of it's life. The water is running down the rafter at a decent rate
Vicinity of Millrace Lane in West Chester
We have some interior water damage in two locations in our home. We need to have the roof/ siding/ gutter repaired before we can fix the damage inside and would like to set up an appointment for someone to come out and give us an estimate.
Vicinity of Bradford Terrace in West Chester
I am looking to get a dormer removed and roofing to be put in to replace it. It has been causing leaks into my town home and my HOA has given me approval to remove it.
Vicinity of Mark Dr. in West Chester
Chimney leaking. Flashing around chimney and gutters
Vicinity of Broadway Ave in West Chester
We have a small leak that needs to be repaired so we are getting estimates and also want to get the cost of a new roof if that needs to be done soon, thank you
Vicinity of Tanglewood Drive in West Chester
I am buying the house i rent from my landlord and want a quote to replace the repair or replace the sidings (gutters if you do them) and one window. Thanks Stephen.
Vicinity of Sherwood Drive in West Chester
Don't like the color of my siding when it replaced here it's cheaper to replace it then just paint it so I'm looking for estimates and a timeline
Vicinity of GREENTREE LN in West Chester
I would like to have my vinyl siding and vinyl shutters replaced.
Vicinity of Clipper Mill Drive in West Chester
I am looking to remove and replace all vinyl siding and trim, (gutters, shutters and downspouts are new and will stay) remove and replace all new windows, remove and replace rear sliding glass door, remove and replace front storm door
Vicinity of Scotch Way in West Chester
Replace roof on top floor flat... ~1500sq ft.
Vicinity of Augusta Dr in West Chester
We are looking to have windows resealed
Vicinity of W Chestnut St in West Chester
I am in need of a front porch roof demo and shingle replacement, siding repair, and bay window seal/cap. The property needing work in the borough of west chester.
Vicinity of Twin Pond Drive in West Chester
Three shingles need replacement on a high point of the home that is roughly 32' high - too high for home ladder to reach. Please provide P&A on repair service.
Vicinity of Turnhill Ct. in West Chester
Strong wind blew off a few roof shingles yesterday. Need to determine the size of damage and repair before making a claim to insurance.
Vicinity of Dean Street in West Chester
Leaky roof and porch.
Vicinity of Maplewood Rd in West Chester
An asphalt roof replacement on a two story colonial with a single car garage and a small porch.
Vicinity of Marlboro Road in West Chester
We need a quote ASAP on siding and possibly some window replacement.
Vicinity of Wencin Way in West Chester
16-20 replacement windows needed to purchase and install. Front entry door - solid wood. Looking for mid to high end double hung replacements with custom trim on front 9 including custom trim around new entry door. Either vinyl or aluminum wood clad windows.
Vicinity of E Woodbank Way in West Chester
Looking to install new siding with better insulation + housewrap
Vicinity of Spring Valley Lane in West Chester
We believe there are some damaged roof tiles on our older roof from the recent storm. Possibly going to report to our insurance company but wanted to see if you could check it out and quote on it. Thanks, Tom
Vicinity of W. Chestnut in West Chester
We'd like to install skylights in the kitchen and bathroom
Vicinity of Tyson Drive in West Chester
Inspection for hail damage.