An Almanac's Prediction...

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

Enthusiasts of the Farmer’s Almanac may have noted a rather dreary forecast for the area’s upcoming weather: Cold. Wet. Rainy. Snowy. Massive Amounts of Precipitation. Since this famous almanac has a reputed 80% accuracy, I think we can be sure of one thing: winter will indeed arrive this year.

The question remaining for Malvern’s population is: how can we prepare for the onset of inclement weather?

Winter Prep for Home Exterior

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Folks, snow is in the forecast. If your Fall To Do List is not yet completed, don’t give up yet!

We would like to offer a list of three basic areas on your home’s exterior that need yearly or bi-yearly maintenance check-ups:

Gutters – Clean those gutters! With a stepladder and an assistant, head outside to make sure that your gutter system is free of debris. In order to work properly, sending water away from your home’s foundations, the entire system must be cleaned of leaves and dirt – anything that can clog the gutters and obstruct water flow.
Pipe Collars – Since roof leaks commonly occur around seams and flashing, checking the pipe collars for a tight, smooth fit is a “must”.
Loose or Missing Shingles – Another common cause of roof leakage. Loose or missing shingles allow moisture to seep in through the roofing system.  If you have cedar roofing, check the shingles for splitting, algae or fungus growth, and swelling.

Asphalt and Cedar Roofing Maintenance

Ok, so we don’t like to be mere bearers of bad news. The good news is: you don’t have to do it all – Certitude Home Improvements can help! Whether your home has asphalt or cedar roofing, our contractors are highly trained in roof maintenance and repair. Of course, who wants to make a mountain out of a molehill?  If you are not certain whether those marks on your roof are significant or not, we are always available to give you a professional opinion, as well as provide maintenance and/or repair options.

If you need help, or simply have questions, please know you can alwayscontact Certitude Home Improvements, a qualified company local to Malvern, and always ready to help!

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